Where we started

Architects Peter Macnaughton and Sandra Fonseca started Kêfâ Homes to provide bespoke, affordable, up-to-date, sustainable design services to homeowner in the UK with as simple process as possible.

When working in small practices during training Peter saw that many of them that served homeowners didn’t use the latest methods: such as 3D technology and virtual reality; had limited understanding of sustainability and unclear working agreements with their clients. This cost  clients money and time, and limited the quality of their projects.

Peter learned about these best practice methods during his masters and while working at a major design practice, and became keen to apply them in launching his own business.

He also spent time over six years as part of a team designing and building the first secondary school for the deaf in Kenya’s Eastern province, learning how to work effectively with professionals from other cultures, maintaining international standards and strong, transparent working relationships.

Sandra and Peter met during their masters of Architecture in Nottingham. Sandra then returned to Angola to work at a commercial practice and train as a Building Information Modeling (BIM) Manager. BIM is the cutting edge of Architectural design, providing clients with a digital twin of their homes packed with data. It helps professionals keep on top budgets, simplifies the design process, helps measure sustainability and even helps building owners keep on top of maintenance as time goes by.

Wanting to branch out of the commercial world, Sandra began to look for remote work, and abroad, and together they realised they could provide an excellent and affordable architectural design service to UK homeowners, and Kêfâ Homes was born.

Our team

Peter Macnaughton

Sandra Fonseca

Laureen-Lois Duah

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