Designers are the prophets of our time.

Child on in a park finds a tree to climb –life is fun
Woman on a desert Island finds a cave – life is safe
Man in the kitchen changes where he stores pots – life is efficient
Baby in his cot feels sunshine on her face – life is… giggles
Friends spot each other in the street – life is sociable
Pensioner finds a level access crossing –life is easy
Hobbyist finds old things and makes new –life is creative
Visitor is moved by a chapel’s beauty and silence – life is holy

Every day chance encounters bring the musings of designer’s minds into reality and speak of what they desire.

We achieve the ‘impossible’! Our first project in 2012 as a group of young enthusiastic trainee architects was to design and build Eastern Kenya’s first specialist Deaf secondary school. But we’re not content to stop there.

Since then we have served our clients to bring to life their visions for domestic extensions, sports facilities and even a master-plan for a community threatened by HS2 and other major developments.Our first priority is always to establish trust which has led us to work with some of the best in the industry, Stirling prize shortlisted Baynes andMitchell Architects and Engineering big hitters AECOM and Burohappold to name a few. We love a challenge and are happy working on any scale of project finding the right team for each job. We’ve shaped the lives of the worst off and the best through projects in rural Kenya to Buckinghamshire mansions bringing moments of delight to each and every project.

We’re obsessed with finding the right solution, the one that is most beautiful, most efficient but most importantly the one that serves the end users best. To get there we sketch we draw, we make models; we sit on swivel chairs with 3D glasses on and explore our creations.We meet every new client with an excitement for the challenge they will bring and love to find that excitement reciprocated. We work openly and have developed techniques to get down to the detail of what is needed for any community, office or household. Keeping everyone involved, from the one footing the bill to the baby and his new dog.

We are always aware that the work we do has a broader impact than our client.We believe that design has great power and with great power comes great responsibility. Architects we believe have the power to transform people’s enjoyment of life, their health, their sense of belonging and their safety. We take that power and responsibility seriously.

We’re responsible to:


         To stick to what we believe and make the most of our lives

Our clients

         To work out their priorities and focus on achieving their hopes

The wider world

         To protect the environment minimising carbon emissions

         To design for justice and freedom of activity

         To design for equality treating each individual with respect

         To design for the next generation and the one after it

We think we are the right choice for your project and we’d love to prove it to you so why not get in touch to let us know what you’re thinking about.